What is Destination Weddings in Portugal?

The Destination Weddings in Portugal is a wedding management company, established in Cascais, Lisbon Coast of Portugal. The company is specialized in planning weddings and events in the luxury ocean front Five Star Boutique Hotel Senhora da Guia.

What is a Destination Wedding in Portugal?

A Destination Wedding in Portugal is when the bride and groom decide to do their wedding celebration in Portugal at a beautiful destination away from home. Destination weddings can be intimate just for you two or with close family and friends.

Why choose Portugal as my Destination Wedding?

In a few words, Portugal combines sunny weather, blue sea, amazing sandy beaches, excellent and tasty culinary and, cultural history and heritage. You can pick a romantic wedding venue in Sintra, a beach wedding venue along the Lisbon Coast or even an Urban contemporary wedding in Lisbon. Imagine the incredible memories that you will have if you decide to choose Portugal as your wedding destination. Also, you are not going to resist to the bounty and the sympathy of the Portuguese people who will turn your wedding in Portugal an even more enjoyable experience. We are certain that when you leave, you are definitely going to feel what we call “Saudade”.

When should I start to plan my Destination Wedding?

Between 6 to 12 months is an ideal amount of time for your wedding planner to guarantee the wedding by the sea that you have always dreamed of. Sometimes though, we organize luxurious and intimate weddings at Senhora da Guia Hotel Venue with a tight schedule. However, if you want a big wedding with a lot of guests and details we advise you to book as soon as possible.

What are the legal requirements when getting married outside of my country?

Every country has different legal requirements for weddings. It is possible to legally marry in Portugal, but there is quite a bit of paperwork to go through and translate. Our Wedding Planners are happy to assist you through the legalities, as they have extensive knowledge of the said requirements.

What most couples do however, is to get all the legalities done at home and then come here for the wedding in Portugal. The documents that are always required are both a form of ID (like your passports and birth certificates), as well as a marriage license application.


• How much experience do the Destination Weddings in Portugal specialists have?

Our Destination Wedding in Portugal Wedding Planners have experience, passion, international reputation and besides all of this, the wedding venue is in a distinctive Five Star Boutique Hotel – Senhora da Guia with amazing ocean views. They will make everything come together to ensure your Destination Wedding in Portugal is truly sensational.

• Where can my guest and I stay accommodated for my wedding night?

Because Destination Weddings in Portugal is your Wedding Planner for the Senhora da Guia Five Star Boutique Hotel, you and your guests would be accommodated in the hotel. It is a Five Star Boutique Hotel by the sea with all the five star hotel services that one may require.
Also, all of the Destination Weddings in Portugal wedding packages have included in their rates, a specific number of overnight stays.

• Can I choose my own Wedding Package in Destination Weddings in Portugal?

We provide you a number of wedding packages according with the season you prefer and the number of guests you will have. However we can always customize your Wedding Package considering your wedding requests. Be warned that customizations, however, will be quoted.

• What are the different wedding packages by Destination Weddings in Portugal?

Find you our wedding packages in our Packages Page. Our wedding packages simplify the planning process, offer ideas, and serve as a starting point to creating your perfect day. All the prices include the legal tax percentage.

• What is included in my Destination Weddings in Portugal Wedding Package?

We, in Destination Weddings in Portugal, include in your wedding package every moment in your wedding program that will make your dream day come true. Normally in the wedding packages there is a proposal for your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, wedding entertainment and the wedding cake. Find out every detail about our wedding package in our 'PACKAGES" page.
All the prices include legal tax.

• Can I have a Beach Wedding ceremony planned by Destination Weddings in Portugal?

In Destination Weddings in Portugal we can organize your beach wedding. Senhora da Guia, the Destination Weddings in Portugal Hotel Wedding Venue is surrounded by a lot of amazing beaches, like the Guincho beach, the largest one in Cascais. Choose the beach you like the most and your wedding planner will organize the loveliest setting for your blessing on the beach. The main features that we offer are, the Atlantic Ocean’s horizon, a graceful canopy in the sand, chairs for your guests and you will have the perfect ceremony at the beach.
However please notice that beach ceremonies need a license to be executed.

• Can I have a customized wedding cake?

Destination Weddings in Portugal can customize everything in your intimate and luxurious wedding by the sea, including your wedding cake. At Senhora da Guia 5 Star Boutique Hotel, our wedding venue, they know that the wedding cake moment is a very important stage of the wedding. Therefore, once you describe to us what design you would like, aroma and size you want for your wedding cake, we will find the best baker in the Lisbon region to make the most remarkable and yummy wedding cake especially for you. See some of our wedding cake images in our "RECEPTION" gallery.

• What is the weather like in Portugal, my Destination Wedding?

We recommend that you check this weather page:


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