The warm weather due to the Mediterranean climate seems to be a good argument to get married in Portugal, but it is not the main one. It is one of the best wedding destinations thanks to the cultural wealth of the country which is what will seduce you, in terms of landscape, architecture, history and heritage. Whether you prefer the mountain range of Sintra, Cascais’ white sandy beaches with endless ocean view or the monuments of the capital, you will love the diversity of Lisbon region which will leave you incredible memories of your stay for your Wedding in Portugal.

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Destination wedding in Portugal

You will enjoy the wonderful architecture as well as the most incredible palaces, castles and forts, testaments of Portugal’s history and heritage after Celts, Roman and Moors settlements. Portugal being a country bordered by the ocean, it is a wedding destination very sought for its wonderful beaches but not only!


Portuguese people take advantage of the sea for centuries, and nowadays serve in their restaurants the most incredible fish you could have ever tasted. Have a walk on the esplanades along the coast or in the famous “Bairro de Alfama” and you won’t resist to this delicious smell. Indeed, fish and seafood are the cooking speciality of this idyllic wedding destination, there is the codfish like everyone knows but above all the grilled sardine and the tasty seafood that you can go well with delicious wine from Douro which wine region has been classed UNESCO world heritage centre which is one of the main reasons of tourism.


So getting married in Portugal, you will be sure to please your guests with Portuguese food for your wedding dinner by the sea. The music is also an important part of the Portuguese’s culture with its proper styles like the Fado, which very moving expressing nostalgia. You won’t neither resist to the generosity and the kindness of the Portuguese people who will turn your wedding in Portugal even more pleasant.


The village of Cascais is located in a bay which offers a splendid sea view and lots of activities to do and to fully enjoy your wedding destination in Portugal. The bay reducing the wind, the weather being warmer and the ocean calmer, it is perfect for some nautical activities like sailing, paddle, canoe-kayak or simply enjoying the sun on the beach. This bay also favours fishing, one of the main reasons, why Portuguese cooking has the best fresh fish that you have ever tasted. The surroundings of this bay are wonderful thanks to the maritime outlook but also architectural monuments like lighthouses and citadels, heritage of Portugal history.



The current trend is to have a ceremony on the beach, becoming more and more popular in Europe, this concept that came from the U.S’s culture and movies has already embraced the essence and theme decoration of thousands and thousands of weddings. Portugal being a country that is facing towards the Atlantic Ocean offers a long coast with beautiful beaches, it is not difficult to make a ceremony on the beach. Senhora da Guia Boutique Hotel your Wedding Venue is surrounded by a several beautiful white sandy beaches, especially the Guincho beach with a breath-taking view towards the sea and the Cabo da Roca, the most western point of Europe. Choose the beach you like the most and your wedding planner from Destination Weddings in Portugal team will organize you all the setting for your blessing on the beach. The main setting will be the ocean view so it doesn’t need much more, just an elegant canopy in the sand, some chairs for your guests and you will have the most wonderful ceremony by the beach.



If your plan is to have a Catholic ceremony, nearby the Senhora da Guia Hotel, there are some Churches in Cascais, like the “Igreja Matriz da Nossa Senhora da Assunção” located nearby a citadel and the former convent da Nossa Senhora da Assunção. This church is part of Cascais history it was inaugurated in the 16th century. The insides are amazing with wonderful golden altars, engraving, frames and tile dated from the 16th and 17th century. Portugal being a Catholic country, no doubt that you will find gorgeous churches in this wedding destination, it is not difficult to combine catholic ceremony and wedding reception by the sea in Cascais, Portugal.



Let the delicious smell of the grilled fish and seafood, speciality of Portugal, seduce you for a romantic dinner on an esplanade in front of the Ocean, offering a breath-taking sea view to end up perfectly your wedding by the sea in Portugal. Codfish and sardines are the most famous and appreciate plates both by tourists and proper Portuguese. Portuguese people have their history attached closely to sea for centuries, thanks to their location by the ocean, that is why they gained so much experience and serve such delicious fish and seafood. You will amaze your guests serving the best fish at your wedding dinner in Portugal.



Portugal is not only a much sought wedding destination but also one of the most appreciated destinations for golf players all around the world. Indeed the good weather and some of the best courses world known to play golf having been designed by world-renowned architects, like for example the Oitavos Golf considered one of the 100 world best golf courses that is only 5 minutes away from Senhora da Guia Boutique Hotel.