Shannon and Peter travelled to Portugal with a small group of friends and family for a symbolic Destination Wedding a couple of weeks after they celebrated their formal and traditional wedding in Canada, where they live. It’s ubiquitous among couple’s these days to hold more than one wedding ceremony, varying the kind, size, guests and location.

Having a symbolic ceremony on a Destination Wedding is an easy way of overcoming the bureaucracy inherent of getting married abroad and all its legal implications. Besides, symbolic weddings also have people more relaxed and aware. If to this you add the pleasure of travelling with a group of family and friends, it can become a superb intimate experience. It was just this kind of fulfilling experience that Shannon, Peter and their guests enjoyed at their wedding at Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa.

Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa’s unique features enchanted Shannon and Peter when they were looking for a Wedding Venue in Portugal. At first, the unbeatable Ocean proximity caught their attention, and then they noticed the affordable hassle-free all-inclusive Wedding Packages and Wedding Planning services. After their first interaction with our attentive Wedding Planning team, the decision to come and celebrate their Destination Wedding at Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa was quick.

They carefully worked all details with the Wedding Planning team and relied on their expertise for suggestions and some minor decisions. They appreciated having everything planned form the moment they arrived at Lisbon International Airport, a short 30 min drive from Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa. 

On the Wedding Day, the couple opted for a romantic first look before the ceremony, a once in a lifetime moment for a couple which allows for meaningful words exchange that strengthens the love bonds. Shannon and Peter’s first look was under the charming Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa’s courtyard yellow archway. The couple was so happy! 

After this adorable encounter, the couple exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony in the Atlantic Garden overlooking the Ocean and were congratulated and cheered with an enthusiastic toast by their friends and family.

In this charming mood, the couple went with the photographer to a nearby seafront rocky cliff and staged a photographic session. This is one of the things our Wedding Planning team always recommend to couples. To take advantage of Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa’s privileged location to create a set of by the sea intimate, eternal portraits.

To end their Wedding Day, Shannon and Peter welcomed their guests into a formal black-tie dinner, in the panoramic oceanfront Terrassa Restaurant, decorated with refined, delicate floral centrepieces. The delicacies served had the Chef’s identity of Portuguese and Mediterranean influences and were paired with a selection of fine regional wines. During this exceptional dinner, the couple was celebrated with devoted and affectionate speeches.

Explore Shannon and Peter’s beautiful and meaningful Destination Wedding at Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa bellow.