Emily & Alex’s Destination Wedding at Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa had a unique Portuguese-Mediterranean atmosphere. They’re both English, but Alex has Portuguese ancestry and getting married in Portugal was extra meaningful for them. 

When the couple first contacted us, they expressed how they would love to take the most advantage of the Villa da Guia | Senhora da Guia outdoors. For their summer Wedding, they relied on our suggestions and expertise and were delighted with the result.

To enhance the Summer feeling and the Groom’s attachment to Portuguese traditions, our team went for an Olive tree branches and leaves decoration. Besides its association with the southern Europe Mediterranean countries, Olive tree leaves and branches have a long history of expressing positivity, peace and humility, all things perfect metaphors for a Wedding celebration. The distinctive Wedding florals creations by our florist, very loose and wild matched the delicacy of white roses and the symbolism of the olive tree leaves. The Bride was delighted when she first saw it. She said they’d exceeded her expectations.

Emily wore an embroidered mermaid Bridal gown with a short train and a long-ornamented veil. Before she came glowing into the ceremony stage, she and her Bridesmaids enjoyed every bit of the preparations rituals having lots of fun in the comfortable and elegant Bridal Suite.

There they laughed, toasted and posed for photographs, while creating adorable and treasurable memories.

The ceremony in the Atlantic Garden lawn, facing the Ocean was held under a ceremonial arch decorated with fabric and florals resembling an open curtain uncovering the magnificent blue sea. The lavish floral garlands extended from the top of the arch onto the floor in a delicate and refined style.

After the ceremony, guests engaged informally during a refreshing cocktail at the Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa courtyard while younger guests played joyfully around the lovely fountain.

At the reception, held at Terrassa Restaurant panoramic room, elegantly decorated, a delicious Portuguese meal was served accompanied by the best regional wines. At the end of the evening and before the lively dance party, the cake cutting moment was unusual and surprising. The Wedding cake was the ultimate Portuguese treat: various tiers of Pastel de Nata which is the couple’s favourites.

Explore Emily & Alex’s best wedding images bellow and discover how wonderful it is to get married at Villa Guia | Portugal Wedding Villa.